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Giant Hybrid Dahlia Mix 6 Pack

Giant Hybrid Dahlia Mix 6 Pack

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Colorful mix of large, radiant blooms.

Get started with dahlias by growing from seed, an easy and economical alternative to tubers. Under normal to optimal conditions, seeds germinate readily, and plants grow quickly. In our trials, plants bloom mid-July through to the first hard frost. Giant Hybrid Mix produces 3–5" double, semidouble, and single blooms. Mix includes solid and bicolor blooms in shades of salmon, coral, white, light yellow, red, and lavender. NOTE: Double blooms in varieties produced from seed are generally not as fully double as those of named varieties maintained and propagated by tubers, which have been specially selected for numerous and dense petals, among other desirable traits.

  • Edible Flowers: The mild-flavored flowers are a colorful garnish for use in salads, desserts, and drinks. Tubers are also edible.
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